Wednesday, 29 January 2014

PMtv presents 80p // /Deux Boules Vanille //Howie Reeve //Godwosh /Horsebastard //Trouble with Books - S03E03

Dec 13th 2014

/Deux Boules Vanille
/Howie Reeve
 /Trouble with Books

DJ for the evening was OUTFIT"s Andrew Hunt who laid on quite a spread... including Ex-Easter Island Head, Alice Coltrane, Terry Reily and many more foot tapping bombshells and the night progressed

This night is curated and delivered by POSTMUSIC in conjunction with Liverpools's MelloMello cafe

This night is supported financially by MelloMello tand allows POSTMUSIC to keep door prices low and acts quality high.

Camera by K Sanders, J Cording & S Cole

Live sound J Murray
Sound / Video Edit 'n ting by S Cole

 When in mellomello buy snacks 'n that

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