Wednesday, 26 June 2013

80p // Paddy Steer // White Blacula // Claire Welles // 4th July // 80p

POSTMUSIC & MelloMello present.....80p!

'A brand new night of radical new sounds' 

 Paddy Steer

If you do not already know of Paddy Steer...You should….You really should…If you DO know Paddy Steer....You should already be very excited that he is playing for us and jolly well getting yourself all washed and wearing your favourite swagger for a night of entertainment for the one-man -machine that is Paddy.

Here is some of what to expect :

White Blacula

Hailing from the very shoes and socks of Liverpool's own El Toro, Zombina , a.P.A.t.T., Long Finger Bandits, Harlequin Dynamite and The Laze. You may be unsurprised to find it sounds somewhat like the sum of it's parts.

Watch/ Listen to something here:

Claire Welles

Claire is an enigmatic, unique performer and writer who has collaborated and worked with many many artists and bands ranging from R Stevie Moore to Lovecraft. With a back catalogue of over 30 albums (she doth not quite remember) to select from expect a varied musical collection deployed on BASF C60's

Take a root here:

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