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April 5th 2012 - Child Abuse - Divorce - Stig Noise - Jacques - Windmill Moth Glue - Staer - Spirit Animals exhibition and release party

POSTMUSIC present - Class A Audio @ WCS

£5 Tax
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- Thursday April 5th 2012
- 7:30 doors
- Wolstenholme Creative Space,
- 11 Wolstenholme Square,
- Liverpool, L1 4JJ.

- DJ TOY + Guests
- Sean Wars Exhibition - more info coming

  A revival of party ethos bringing an overbearing explosion of mixed up top grade music from around the globe - 

from NYC, the America's, via  a thick legacy of music, noise, artspaces, jazz, and endless road hours of diy tours, some of which can be digested through an intriguing novel published in 2010 by Oran, the immense power trio's drummer. their planned April tour lands them for the second year running in Liverpool village. Last January we got a call about 10pm the night they were due to play Dont Drop The Dumbells, they had driven all the way from Paris that day, got as far as the dug up battle grounds of Edge Hill, where under the strain of a thousand miles of diy noise adventures, the axle snapped on their old mercades bus... after limping into the courtyard through january fog, clearly frozen, freaked and tired, a conversation about the use of such weary feelings in the delivery of music took place, Child Abuse set up their simple no trickery drums, bass and keys and blew my tiny fucking mind...

(via Divorce) - Their music is unashamedly ferocious, rhythmically complex and unforgiving, welding elements of death metal, free jazz, prog, punk and flat-out noise (or as they put it "...a drunken Thelonious Monk in a head-on car wreck with Gorguts."), CHILD ABUSE push the audience to the very limit of their tolerance... and then push harder, as their two albums on Lovempump Recs (AIDS Wolf, HEALTH etc) will attest. Truly one of the most punishing bands of any genre in existence today and unmissable live.

Andy Brown from Glasgow is a dear man. firmly and without any known antidote he is entirely (more importantly) , positively obsessed with music and bands.

 From the outside, ( he would hate the idea, but) it seams he is quite deeply embedded in the current and seemingly forever vibrant Glasgow diy scene, where he studies, puts together shows,  and drums in a handful of projects including Rock Action recording artists, Remember, Remember.
 Alone he is a megasafe chap, when immersed with the other 3 members of Divorce, together they are an excitable meld of Post everything and nothing , somekind of everywave upon wave upon wave of wonderful no wave tinged  Grunge-(ehem)-pop? but only pop cause despite its searing intensity and nasty edges, the songs have great hooks.

what i witnessed - Super Strong Drum Riffs replace 'beats' caked in monstrous bass dealings from heavily Tattooed and awesome VSO, simple but perfectly formed guitar stabs, riffs and squarks come in dancing bursts of rainbow coloured smiles and nifty footwork from Vicky and rolling around on the floor among them, Jenny, usually sporting a japanese childrens nightwear bear-suit and the shittest shoes ive ever seen, somekind of instantly engaging small-town New York state born, semi-cartoon character screaming feline artist / poet, trapped a few thousand miles away from home.
*This band could be your life.

This will be the official UK Release party of Stig Noise first full Vinyl/Download '
VII', after spending 2months touring in Europe at the end of 2011 from Czeh republic, through Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain and finishing up on the southern most beaches of Italy.

This release comes some 10 years into an ever evolving experimental musical project that has been as much about exploring DIY ethics of making music as a band, as inderviduals and about creativity, helping fuel the existing world of diy communities, playing our part in turning unsued buildings into vibrant creative spaces, making concerts, exhibitions and documentations of all the amazing people we meet and all the amazing music we come across... there are piles upon piles upon piles of inspiring amazing music and people in the world. Class A Audio is a club night we created 7 years ago as a celebration of these people, and their skills at making a room full of strangers smile their fucking faces off.

  The physical vinyl copies of Stig Noise ' VII' ,  is being released - town by town -  by hand and.. errr... mouth, using the current medium of 5 people making pretty intense adventure bass heavy, duel drumming mashed up casio's, decks, guitars, words and sweet sweet mariachi brass. its available @

  Frigidity Liverpool beardy anti artist / picture drawer and narky / (sometimes) surprisingly non narky audio fiddler, genral gobshite Sean Warz has recorded his debut solo album, free from the distractions of 18 drummers ( Monobrow ) or hourlong 4bar riffs ( Bastard Power Swimming Orcestra )  in the form of a 5 track Audio / Visual self release recorded and filmed  on the very spot, where on this night, he plans to deliver it in person with a live set and exhibition of new artwork - ' Stay Skatty II '.

- JACQUES MALCHANCE  UpitUP Records co founder / Scouse Roman man about town.
Taken from -

'Jacques MalChance is a 20some year-old guy that looks like 40, born in Rome 1985, and has just moved to England, Liverpool ( 2005 maybe??!??! ) .

 He started doing beats when he was 14, as he met Isocore and Pierlo, and failed the year at school! He is REALLY unlucky. Most of his tunes made in his tender age got lost in many backups, Musically he never focused on anything really, his first stuff was crazy experimental beats with no tempo (just cause he didn`t know what to do), then started to evolve to a more abstract melodical synth&piano noisy IDMish dubby jazzy improvised chilling&soothing hip hoppy POP! oh..yeah, the piano…never talk to him about pianos. He’s obsessed with them, and will start boring you on how cool he is because he puts screws, paper, bolts and blu tack in his piano, makes it sound really crazy, and will tell you of how he brought John Cage as an exam subject and no professor knew who he was, and he got 69 (yeah!!) out of 100. "

Jacques is a familiar face these last 7 years around Liverpool, unmissable dude, was an original face of Class A Audio parties in Bar Fresa back in 2005, and for years after that he has brought amazing nights of messed up electronic music to liverpool alongside equally Roman / Scouse pal Isocore. After years and years of live sets weaved through almost every corner of liverpools underground scene from No Excusses through Hive, a billion art space gigs, warehouse raves and diy shows finally a debut Vinyl Release through UPitUP Records has birthed as jacques continues peddling his improvised live sets across the globe. legend.
UPV001: "Dub Pets" by UNION JACQUES. Deep British inspired music, handmade in the UK.


Early doors for a savage display of passion and desprate clawing audio of a Liverpool 3 peice straight outta a nasty rehearsal room in Bootle where the landlord cooks up legal highs using a cement mixer and barrels of sugar... disturbing in many ways, and part of a complex music outlet ( ) built on a desire to make messed up music and float it on the waves  creatures like Sun City Girls and Sublim Frequencies crew make. incl members of Mango Shank who played with Vialka last month.

On tour around the UK and Europe with Child Abuse, Norway's STAER are perfectly matched; brutal, thundering lumps of rhythmic terror topped with horrifically distressed, screeching guitar abstractions. Akin to Noxagt and fellow Norwegians Arabrot, STAER's newly-released debut album on Gaffer Recs (Mats Gustafsson, Weasel Walter, Don Vito etc) pummels your ears and skull with all the delicacy of a hungover slaughterhouse worker.

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