Friday, 8 April 2011

Dont Drop The Dumbells TV Episode 5.5 >> Knobheads Special

Originally Episodes 01 - 04 went out weekly documenting the first 2 months Sept - Nov 2010 - As this whole project is fully unfunded and we are quite an active space, demands on time were immense and we have decided from Episode 05 to put them out just as regulary as we can but we making them longer and mix them up abit ...

some new ideas :) Episode 5.5 is a special on UpitUp Records 'Knobheads' night of wonky electro.

Knobheads is a night or oddball electro based live music, created and curated by Poalo & Jacques, the liverpool arm of UpItUp Records

It was a huge part in what made Dont Drop The Dumbells a very special place to experience live music .
Oct 2010 - May 2011.

Dont Drop The Dumbells TV >> Episode 05.5:  Knobheads Special

 Hosted by: 
Paul Tarpy
Featuring: Paddy Steer - VHS Head Ergo Pizmiz - Jacques - White MAsk - Odd Bwar -

Art Exhibition: me presents -
Photo Stills: Genevieve Rosa

Jacobia Stig

Filmed @ DDTDB by:

Jacobia Stig
Ste Cole
Jose McCarthy 
Steer jr

copyright PMtv 2011.

The LAst Knobheads at Dont Drop The Dumbells takes place on SATURDAY 09th APRIL 2011 

Upitup Records presents: KNOBHEADS 666

/|\ DJ B A L L I /|\
We are so proud to fly over another legendary owner of another massively influential label..."SONIC BELLIGERANZA" from Italy, home to artists such as FFF and Okapi.

A long awaited debut at an upitup event from the true purveyor of all that is hard & silly...this is ULTIMATE UnionGABBAjack!

An epic return to Upitup since that first ever live set(as FLEABANE) supporting Chevron at the second Upitup back in 2007!
Expect Breakstep & Dubcore Extravaganza's

Live DogCore

Furry Masked MetalCore

(P)resident Dj Extraordinaire(core)

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