Friday, 16 July 2010

Stig Noise vs Barberos Limited Edition 12" Vinyl ___ Release party with Orchestre tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp / Spirit Animals

On July 16th we threw a party at Wolstenholme Creative Space for the release of another piece of limited edition POSTMUSIC vinyl. 

 Stig Noise MMX vs Barberos

12" Vinyl / CD  - available in good indie record shops.
concert distro's and online at 

Download - is available here -
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Review excerpts taken from: Bleached Hem by Amy Roberts.
Photos: Oscenic.
Poster by: Sean Wars

'Tonight is one of those sublime brain-matter-scatter-nights. A total treat. And despite a sardine-crammed line up of excellence (including Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Spirit Animals, Pariah Qarey...), we somehow only manage to properly catch two of the fervent applause anticipant bands on offer.

Stig Noise, as ever, are their usual onslaught of brass, gut pounding drums, distortion, and pseudo-psycho-composures of riffs. Guttural grind ramblings of vocals and whimsical, diametric melodies wound up into tight, bold statements of shredding, bombastic scores are as ever, irresistible, and a mainstay of their prowess.
The crowd’s an odd mixture, mind. Seems we’re not the only ones with a rum swamp for a think tank, but at least the majority of us can handle our ale. For those that can’t, staggering, knee hitching dance moves, attempts to sweep whoever, wherever, off their feet where they stand and general flailing about at horizontal angles seems to be the only way some of the crowd feel able to interpret Stig Noise’s own personal riot.
There’s men in suits reeling off archaic chat up lines to many a poor broad mid set, who look as though they got a bit lost on their way to The Pleasure Rooms.
But fuck it, by the time Hearts Of Gold/ Gobs Of Shite plays out to tie a tidy, lovesome bow to the end of Stig’s gutter-waltz set you couldn’t give a shit that some gobshite in a John Lewis ‘original’ is butting into your side like a rhino trying to escape a fucking zoo.

Barberos then. Four fine young men with a fetish for full body silver spandex (who doesn’t share that fetish? Come on), cacophony and beating drums hard enough for BDSM enthusiasts to lip bitingly be urged to scream out their ‘safe’ word, take to the stage before a hungry, tanked up, piled in crowd.
Fuck. Me. It’s. Good. A dystopian noise scramble of brain digging which ventures between malevolent sound scores of the satisfyingly viscous and toe curling sublime, all framed by back screen visuals of discordance and facial squirm play.
They’re the noise of nights bled hedonistically into early mornings, of searing sunrise in wrung out pupils, of a brain squirming inside the skull perilously drying itself foul of chemicals, rapid and inane thought processes and spirit soaked alarm bells.
A barrage of manipulated doom siren synth, and dual drummers in place of vocal and word heavy vocalists, the narrative of the set is hell bent on staggering, insufferable rhythm, the lost laconic, the fevered, the unrelenting.
The crowd is understandably sick for it. A bleating united urge of beat grabbing mass who holler throughout, pounding palm to palm excitably, and refuse to surrender at the will of each songs end.
Fucking hell, the drums are ridiculous. Ferociously charged, they’re succinct to the beatings of unimaginable pace. Are feral and incessant - the heaviest, most beautifully aggressive poundings which go off on unreal tangents which seem to have a dialect and vocabulary of a language you only wish your lover’s tongue could learn.
So good it’s almost exhausting. But who wants to sleep after that? Fuck. That.
We cheekily procured a copy of the Stig Noise MMX vs Barberos split EP on vinyl, and strongly urge you all to get yer grubby mitts on a copy.'

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