Friday, 5 February 2010

POSTMUSIC PRESENT: The Ex & Brass Unbound vs Stig Noise - 05.02.10

Stig Noise frontman Jacob is pacing about excitedly before yelping out at the already buzzing crowd ‘I can’t remember the last time The Ex played England, nevermind Liverpool’, he grins a wide coat-hanger grin which is mirrored back by the hollering, fervent crowd who’ve hungrily gathered in The Kazimier for the monumental occasion.... The set erupts into the finely tuned discordance for which Stig are consistently celebrated for. A melodic anarchy of brass, throaty lyricism, and killer onslaughts of bass, drum and guitar that never once veer far from perfection.' 
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The Ex- Since 1979 The Ex have plotted a unique course, pushing the envelope outwards from their anarchist punk origins to embrace traditional Eastern European and African folk forms, as well as collaborations with free improvising musicians. In this time the Dutch group have played 1,500+ concerts all over Europe, Northern America and Africa, and made over 20 albums. They are fiercely independent, organising their concerts and selfreleasing/distributing their records on their own Terp label (alongside a wonderous array of indigenous African music and cutting edge improv). 

The highly productive and inventive band The Ex will be playing with four incredible brass players from a suitably varied backgrounds that will make up the 'Brass Unbound'. 

WOLTER WIERBOS ‘The great, subtle, razor-eared, sometimes comic trombonist....He can nail difficult written music, pitch-perfect, and also play a quarter tone off, with greasy vibrato like an inspired rural brass-band amateur.’ Kevin Whitehead: Coda, May/June 1990 Considered one of the world’s leading trombone players. with many awards to his name, including the most important Dutch jazz award, the VPRO Boy Edgar Prize. His interests range from precise chamber jazz to throbbing post punk and contemporary composed and improvised music. He has been invited to play with Sonic Youth, Gruppo Sportivo and the Nieuw Ensemble (led by Ed Spanjaard). 

KEN VANDERMARK For the past 20 years, Ken Vandermark on Saxaphone and Clarinet has been working to expand the possibilities of improvised and composed music in North America and Europe. Ken has made many significant and highly respected contributions to both the local and international jazz/improvised music scenes. He spends more than half of each year on the road, working on a regular basis in North America, Europe, and Japan. He has been compared to Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane, and John Carter. Enough said. Between his collaborations with the AALY Trio, The Vandermark 5, DKV Trio, FJF, the Peter Brotzmann Chicago Octet/Tentet, the Joe Harriott Project, Steelwool Trio, his work with Joe McPhee and the Sound in Action Trio, if Vandermark is one of the key voices to bring this music into the twenty-first century. 

ROY PACI Roy is a one off and a very distictive and creative trumpet and jazzman living, in Italy , he has recorded on 390 music albums. From founding the phenomenal 'Zu' and creating music with 'Roy Paci & Aretuska', to playing Latin American Big Band Jazz and B-Movie film scores, avant – garde theatre and creating what is described as “superreggaestereomambo” he always follows his own muse. Endless collaborations and touring and a open mind led him to get invloved with The Ex who admire his style a lot. 

MATS GUSTAFSSON A Swedish saxophone player and a stalwart on the Scandinavian free jazz scene. “For me the definite starting point of making music is really the punk rock scene in Umeå, my home town, on the border of Lapland,” Mats Gustafsen Mats Gustafsson is currently Sweden's and perhaps Europe's most well-known artist within free improvised music. He has established himself as a saxophonist with a broad repertoire of extended techniques on level with Evan Parker and John Butcher. He has also been inspired by the “Brötzmann-school” which demands volume above all else. Mats is also known through AALY trio and collaborations with Jim O´Rourke, Thurston More, Jaap Blonk, Paul Lovens and Barry Guy among others. He has also built up a rep playing with acts like Sonic Youth, David Grubbs, Merzbow and covers PJ Harvey and White Stripes as well as Joe McPhee under his much admired 'The Thing' group.

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