photo by: Genevieve Rosa    

During the last 6 months of 2009, members of POSTMUSIC began creating a documentary in a disused, cold, rainy, almost-entirely-broken 1930s art deco Odeon Cinema in the Toxteth area of Liverpool, Northwest UK.

In spring we found a way into the building, cleaned up the areas that were usable and set up a studio. We began inviting musicians and bands to record a live session in one of the building's many rotten rooms, corridors, roofs and balconies, as well as in the main theatre room itself.

Forthcoming DVD features performances from:


The first 50 Limited Edition run of Vol.1 DVD is hand-bound and screen-printed notebook packaging now available to Pre-Order for £20 inc PandP in UK.  Safe payment through Paypal -

Orders will be sent out a week before the official Release date in early Oct 2011. Only the first run of 50 come in this design. 

General Release through POSTMUSIC - October 31st 2011.

Each session from Aug - Nov 2009 was treated in a similar fashion to a live concert, the band arriving mostly briefed, setting up and playing in just a few hours, while POSTMUSIC members documented the whole scene using 16 channels audio engineering techniques and a handful of DV film cameras.

13 of these audio / visual sessions are available on POSTMUSIC's Cinema Sessions DVD Vol 1.

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