Friday, 22 April 2011


Welcome to the second PODCAST Featuring Secret Chiefs 3, Safetyword, Deerhoof, Tim Smith,  Stignoise, Sun Ra, Zappa, Barberos plus many more......Great Job

Sounds of Bali - Gambang
Barberos - Piss nails
Bruce hack - national anthem to.1
D.A.F. - Verlieb dich in mich
Paul McCartney & The Frog Chorus - We all stand together
Tim Smith - Exploded
SUN Ra coaching Roland Wi
Disscordance Axis - Drowned
Frank Zappa - We Can Shoot You
Deerhoof - Behold a Marvel In the darkness
Goblin - Ai margini della fol
Safley Word - Figs
Secret Chiefs 3 - Shoel
Wendy Carlos - The Shining
Stump - Buffalo
Stig noise - Streetcow
Vincent Gallo - i wrote this song for Paris Hilton


Download here

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