Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Remember, Remember Sat 12th February 2011 @DDTDB

Poster by: Sean Wars

Sat Feb 12th DDTDB presents;

Remember, Remember ( Rock Action)
Ex Easter Island Head
Trouble With Books

REMEMBER, REMEMBER, Led by Graeme Ronald, Remember Remember began life as one man and his loop pedal. Crafting delicate electronic structures in his bedroom, initial material had a rare fragility which seemed completely unforced.

Now expanding to a seven piece group, the collective have moved far beyond their origins. Returning with last year's four track EP 'RR Scorpii' the band move between Krautrock, folk and electronics.

Remember Remember have just finished a handful of support shows with Mogwai


TROUBLE WITH BOOKS : semi silent sweeeping mooody double bass, haunting vocals, acoustica and heavy handed audio fiddlings.

AM ERI CANS : duo duo duo duo. A Stig Noiser/Action Beater/Monobrower vs a Horse Bastard / Hammerfister / Batman. mini drums and mini casio squeltchy adventure music.

You can see these both in DONT DROP THE DUMBELLS TV episode 01 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXdtYD6N8I0&feature=youtu.be

and super special guests! warm and joyful inside

EX EASTER ISLAND HEAD check em'  PMtv EX-easter island head special

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