Thursday, 30 September 2010

Dont Drop The Dumbells - More Creative Space in Liverpool

As of Oct 2010 POSTMUSIC will be operating from the old Gymnasium, Dance hall and Studio in the grounds of the disused T.U.C People Center and the Old Flying Picket venue. 24-28 Hardman St. Its been closed for around 7 years until last week.

Photo by: Genieve Rosa

Closed very much against its will and with an immense history, POSTMUSIC would firstly like to tip its hat to people who inhabited this building from its completion and opening as a blind school, through its crucial years of T.U.C unemployment peoples center, work with CND, independent advice hub, and more recently as a community minded venue and recording studio until its decision to sell the building in October 2003.

Under its current condition most of the amazing stone building visible from Hardmen St is undergoing long long long overdue attention. Without many clues to its future, we fully intend to bring some life back to the rooms we have the use of over the next few months.

Access to this new creative space is through those big green gates on Hardmen St. (previously the gates / entrance for the Old Flying Picket).

'Dont Drop The Dumbells' is a yellowed hand stenciled sign taped to the wall of the old gym where future diy will be hosted, by invite. This is the invite.

please email if you have interest in Rehearsal Space,  Recording Facilities or have ideas for shows / exhibitions in this space?  

all! everything! welcome! 

These are photos from around 22/9/10 and our first look at the gym area.

  Photos by: jacobia stig

Were learning, but id say we don't really know enough about the building, please get in touch with anything at all regarding its uses in the past and any information on things that probably shouldn't be forgotten.

Over a few (ad)ventures into the rest of the building over the last few weeks  (now impossible due to higher security) we found some interesting artifacts related to its past. documentation will be posted up soon.

After a week of cleaning up the space as much as possible ( plus it would be a crime to change to much for sure!) On 30th Sept we invited our friend from San Martino Spino in Northern Italy to visit and opened the doors via invites.




DJ TREE's Disco

Exhibition by me presents & No Looking:

Thurs 30th Sept 2010.
doors from around 8pm.
Donation Entry 

Poster by the ever boss: Sean Wars

BOB CORN - His own words:
 ' ciao, hello… it’s tiziano sgarbi… tizio… bob corn.
i live in a little village in northern italy’s countryside , where i’ve born on november the fifth ninteensixtyeight and where i passed all my life till now… it’s since nine years than i am involved in the rock music scene, doing different things: 

organizing shows and festivals, booking tours, driving bands around, running a little label. trying to do these things in a real d.i.y way… music and people in the first row… ' 

... will follow up their magical set at A Hawk & A Hacksaw in Aug. originally a Trip-Folk duo ( ! prolly!) , recent introductions of a third member on (double) Bass has brought even more wonderful and strange ambient lines of hooks,riffs and fiddling. 

mini drums / casio combo making double kick / 8bit squelchy improve riffs and adventure soundtracks. Did play with Drumeyes last month / half played with that am eri can 'jay retard' that died after playing in liverpool last nov. is good.

Exhibition by me presents & No Looking: